Coming Earth Day 2015

Bugchinko is a beautiful and enchanting spin on Pachinko, the classic precursor to pinball. Use your quick reflexes and arcade mastery to tap, roll and bounce your way down to victory!

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Hints & Tips

Here are a few valuable hints to help you get Monty through the game and to safety!


  • Play the TUTORIAL (Click on the ? in the Main Menu)

  • Be patient and let Monty fall and roll. (Kinda like pinball)

  • Gently tilt your device. Subtle movements work best. (Don't tilt too far or too aggressively!)

  • Use the JUMP button to bounce higher and gain momentum.

  • Tilting ONLY controls Monty's rotation or spin. (It doesn't move him in mid-air)

  • Changing Monty's rotation/spin will change his trajectory when he bounces off objects.

  • Different objects have different collision reactions. (Some things are harder or softer than others.)

  • Try double-jumping to reach high areas. (Tap JUMP and tap JUMP again.)

  • Take your time! (You actually get more points for staying in the level longer ;-)

Visit this page often for updates or follow @Bugchinko on Twitter for more clues!