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Bugchinko is a beautiful and enchanting spin on Pachinko, the classic precursor to pinball. Use your quick reflexes and arcade mastery to tap, roll and bounce your way down to victory!

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Bugchinko Bounces into the App Store on Earth Day, April 22nd


Los Angeles, California - Angeles Vista Creative Ventures (avcvgames.com) announced today that its first game will be released on the Apple App store on April 22nd, 2015 in celebration of Earth Day.  

Bugchinko is an enchanting and modern spin on Pachinko, the classic precursor to pinball. Players must use their quick reflexes and arcade mastery to roll, bounce and score their way to victory. The game features a familiar but totally unique game concept that seems easy to play at first, but hard to master in later levels. If you like pinball, you’ll love this game!

Bugchinko also features some of the most beautiful graphics and environments ever seen on the iOS platform and takes full advantage of Apple’s latest hardware. It is truly one of the most beautiful games to ever grace an iPad or iPhone.

Monty’s Story

Montgomery is a peculiar fellow...um...bug with a real penchant for adventure. One day, he wondered... if he were to jump on a loosely attached leaf, high up in a tree, would he be able to float on it? This fanciful thought of floating through the spring sky permeated Monty's little bug brain until he simply had to try it. Unfortunately, Monty’s little fantasy didn’t go quite as planned and he must now try to make his way down to safety. The goal of Bugchinko centers around helping this helpless little pill bug make his way home.

For more of Monty’s story, please visit www.bugchinko.com

About AVCV Games

Angeles Vista Creative Ventures, LLC (AVCV) was founded in 2012 by former AOL, Yahoo and Disney game producer Micah Jackson in Los Angeles, CA. The desire was to create handcrafted, engaging and family friendly games that are unlike the status quo.

Outside of creating amazing play experiences, the personal goal of the company is to make entertainment that is favored and well received by the world, yet created on a very small scale. Also being an African American game maker is an important aspect that drives the founder to be successful; in hopes of leaving a legacy for future game makers of color.

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