Coming Earth Day 2015

Bugchinko is a beautiful and enchanting spin on Pachinko, the classic precursor to pinball. Use your quick reflexes and arcade mastery to tap, roll and bounce your way down to victory!

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Bugchinko Support & FAQ

Has Monty gotten stuck on a flower, tree or other part of the level?

Oh dear. We sincerely apologize for this! Monty can get a little wild at times and his hard shell will sometimes get caught on certain things in the level. If this happens, try to make him jump a lot of times, in an attempt to dislodge him. You can also try moving him from side-to-side and see if you can get him dislodged. If none of that works, you may have to quit the game and restart it.


Did Monty bounce his way out of the level and into some weird alternate dimension?

Well, we tried to keep this part of the game hidden but on rare occasions when Monty bounces too fast, he can break through the level and enter the secret alternate dimension. Unfortunately, this is pretty serious and the only way to bring Monty back is to restart the game.


Did everything just freeze and nothing happens no matter what you tap or move or do?

If you are frozen, you should seek refuge in a warm space immediately! If the game is frozen, then please close the app and restart it. If you have had a lot of different apps running on your device, then you might want to close a few of those too! 


For any other weird bugs or issues that weren't mentioned above, please take a screenshot and send a brief description of the issue to info@avcvgames.com